The only 2 things that really matter in mobile

Work is no longer a place, but an activity. It gets done wherever, whenever, on pieces of glass in all shapes and sizes, and through interaction with a myriad of apps. As business and technology leaders, it’s our job to empower employees to maximize their potential in today’s increasingly mobile work environment.

It’s clear from my many conversations with customers that they understand the value mobility can bring to their organizations, but many are struggling to get out of the reactive mode of throwing more devices or apps at the workforce vs. creating a purposeful mobility strategy that truly enables employees to be more productive and make better decisions.

Leveraging technology to drive better business outcomes is what we mean when we talk about the transformational power of a future-ready enterprise. And these organizations build their mobility strategy around two foundational elements: people and data. It’s about enabling people to use the best tools to do their jobs, while delivering the data and apps they need seamlessly and securely.


The 2014 Global Evolving Workforce study clearly shows that people want and need a variety of tools to be productive – over 50 percent of employees are using personal devices, and 60 percent regularly use more than one device for work. A one-size-fits-all model doesn’t work anymore. Even different workgroups within the same business unit may need different solutions, and these solutions will evolve over time

To realize the business benefits of a mobility strategy, you need to understand the kind of work different employees are doing, where they are doing it, and identify the best combination of solutions – the optimal working environment – to meet their needs. This may include some mix of PCs, tablets and smartphones, each drawing data from the cloud and multiple apps.

Bottom line – the days of employees only using what the company gives them are diminishing. If employers don’t make it easy for workers to use the devices and apps they actually need, workers will help themselves. As a result, security and management challenges abound as IT loses visibility to the devices and apps being used to consume, create, and share enterprise data. Which brings us to the next point…


An effective mobility strategy requires data be delivered seamlessly into the hands of the people – and only those people – who can do something meaningful with it. That requires taking the security, management, and reliability concepts once only considered for corporate PCs and applying them to data and apps so that they are actually usable across any employee workspace. Instead of securing data by inhibiting its movement, we must shift to a data-centric approach and secure the data itself wherever it goes.

This way we can liberate data to reach the people who need it regardless of when, where and how they’re accessing it — using personal devices that we don’t manage at all, corporate devices we manage only at arm’s length, or in the cloud. Advances in encryption, VPNs, desktop virtualization, containers, and identity access management make it easier to provide workers unfettered access to data in a secure, reliable, and managed way. These solutions must be integrated for stronger protection and provide a seamless user experience so that people will embrace, and not circumvent, security.

From hiring and retention of workers to elevating business performance, a thoughtful mobility strategy can deliver real benefits. But your strategy needs to purposefully focus on mobilizing people and data. To learn more about designing a mobility strategy that works on your terms, visit us at Dell World 2015.

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